Are you looking to leave a work health plan after age 65?

We can help you make a smooth transition to Medicare and avoid gaps in coverage and potential penalties.

When you leave your (or your spouse's) employer health plan after 65 to get on Medicare and a Medicare plan, taking the right steps at the right time is critical...

If you miss a step or don't act within certain times, this can result in you having:

  • Gaps in your healthcare coverage
  • Lifetime Medicare Penalties
  • Increased Medicare premiums
  • Healthcare claims denied

Avoiding these problems just takes a little planning…and working with someone who has helped folks through it many times before.

Some of the things you need to do for this transition are:

  • Figuring out when you want your Medicare coverage to start
  • Getting the proper forms to start Medicare Part A, or Parts A and B
  • Finding out how and when to fill these forms out, who needs to do it
  • Deciding which Medicare plan is best for your needs and budget
  • Taking the proper steps after you sign up for your plan in order to avoid penalties and higher Medicare premiums

I’ll explain this process in a bit more detail further down below…

I can help you figure out exactly what YOU need to do to make this transition EASY

I have been helping folks just like you with their Medicare decision since 2012.

I’ve had hundreds of conversations with folks starting their Medicare coverage after their 65th birthday, and everyone’s situation has been a bit different. Some have already signed up for Medicare while covered at work. Some folks need to find coverage for their spouse once they retire. We'll discuss your unique situation and what you do and don't need to do when you leave your current plan.

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Here is the process that I'll take you through when you're leaving a work health plan and getting on Medicare coverage:


Decide when you want to make the change:

  • Find out when your last day of your current coverage is
  • See if they offer any type of retiree health insurance once you're on Medicare
  • Discuss any options for COBRA, and whether your spouse still needs to be covered


Figure out what Medicare forms need to get filled out and when:

  • You don't need to fill out any forms if you already have Part A and Part B
  • You need to fill out 2 forms if you only have Part A now
  • Your employer needs to fill out part of one of these forms
  • You need to contact Social Security if you have not signed up for Part A yet


Review the Medicare basics including:

  • What the 4 parts of Medicare are, what they cover, and if you need them
  • What the 2 main types of supplemental insurance options are, how they work, and the pros and cons of each


Discuss your Medicare plan options and get signed up:

  • Learn about what your plan choices are in your area, including prices
  • See which plans you may or may not qualify for
  • Choose a plan that best meets your healthcare needs and budget
  • Get my help in signing up for this plan


Take care of important last steps:

  • Contact the proper Medicare department to notify them of your new insurance 
  • Respond to any request you get asking about your prior drug coverage
  • Appeal any notice you get informing you that your Medicare premiums are higher than normal

Throughout the process, we will go at your pace. However, it's important to not skip any of these steps. We basically plan around the start date you have in mind, and then make sure everything we need to do before and after gets done.

There will NEVER be any high-pressure sales tactics used, nor will I try to force you into a Medicare plan because it represents my best interest.  I am licensed with about 20 insurance companies which means I represent your best interest, not that of any one particular company.

Here is what some of my clients have said about working with me in this process...

If it is clarity you want in your decision making for retirement plans, Chris Russo is your guide.

He laid out all options in a clear and organized format. He also keeps us updated on changes as they evolve.

Jan M, Livonia, MI

Chris Russo

Over the years he has been consistently responsive to our questions and circumstances in a timely manner.

His service to us has been outstanding. His research, information, preparation and recommendations have served us very well.

Frances R, Lake City, MI

Chris Russo

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Choosing your Medicare plan should NOT be a one-and-done decision

Your first Medicare decision after age 65 is extremely important.  But, you’re going to be on Medicare the rest of your life.  Choosing the best plan should not be a one-and-done decision, but rather one that involves regular check-ups and reviews.

Things will change over time whether it’s your healthcare needs, your budget, or your plan.  Sometimes it can be all three of these at once.

The first plan that you pick might not be the best plan 10 years, 5 years, or even 1 year later.

So, if you sign up for your first plan with:

  • Someone who doesn’t offer both Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans, they may not be able to help you later as things change
  • Someone who just represents one or two companies, they’ll never let you know later on that you can save money by switching to a competitor
  • Someone new to the industry, there’s a decent chance they won’t be around in a few years to help you review or change your plan, or help you with bills and follow-up questions
  • The insurance company directly, they will never let you know when you can save a lot of money by switching to the same plan with a different company

This is why it’s extremely important to get the help of an agent who is a Medicare expert who is able to give you unbiased help and ongoing service.  If you sign up for a plan directly with an insurance company or through some random telemarketer who calls you, you likely will either be enrolling in a plan that’s not right for you to start with or hurting yourself later when things change.

Here are all the things I offer to anyone new to Medicare after age 65:

Help with signing up for Medicare

This includes getting you access to the forms you need with directions on how and when to fill them out

"Intro to Medicare" consultation

We'll review the basics of Medicare and review any questions you have about the 4 different parts

Enrollment into your supplemental plan

After we decide what plan is best for you, I'll fill out the application for you and submit it to the insurance company

Lifetime access to my help

As my client, you can contact me anytime for any follow-up questions, concerns, or issues regarding anything related to Medicare or your plan

Annual reviews of your policy

Things can change fast. I'm available to do an annual review of any supplemental plan I help you enroll in

Fee-free Service

I'm paid a small commission by the insurance company of your plan, so I never charge any fees or markups for my service

Watch the video below to see what a couple of my clients, Jim & Nancy, have to say about working with me...

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