Shortly after getting started in the insurance and financial services industry, I really started to focus on where I could make the biggest difference. Now there were several products that I was encouraged to sell, but I wasn’t comfortable suggesting that somebody buy something that they may or may not need just so I could increase my sales numbers. I didn’t want to simply offer various products, but rather solutions for my clients' biggest needs.

I work almost exclusively with folks nearing and already in retirement. I found that almost every potential client I talked to had at least one of these two concerns about retirement:

  1. Making the right decisions about Medicare, and
  2. Outliving their money

After realizing this, it made my particular focus very easy.  Everything that I do now helps provide solutions in one of these two areas.

When it comes to Medicare, I can answer all the questions you have about things like:

  • When do I need to sign up for Medicare?
  • Will I be penalized if I don’t sign up for the various Parts of Medicare at the right time?
  • How does Medicare work, and what does it cover?
  • What Medicare supplemental insurance options do I have in my particular situation?

To get started learning more about Medicare, check out the Medicare tutorial, or contact me directly at 866-240-8639 with your questions.

When it comes to the risk of outliving your retirement assets, I can answer your questions such as:

  • When should my spouse and I start collecting Social Security income?
  • Should we buy an annuity?
  • How much of my portfolio should I have invested in stocks?
  • What should we do about nursing home insurance?

I am an independent broker for all types of insurance that I offer, so I can shop around several different companies to see who has the most cost-efficient solution for your specific needs. This is in contrast to someone who works for one specific insurance company as a captive agent and can only offer their products.

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