The answer to this question like so many other important ones is, “it depends”. The client that I’m best qualified to help:

  • For Medicare insurance consultations:
    • Is currently on Medicare, or within 6 months of your Medicare effective date
    • Is not eligible for employer-paid health benefits in retirement once you become Medicare eligible (this typically excludes most retired government employees, and many retirees with union provided benefits)
    • Is not eligible for state-sponsored programs like Medicaid
  • For Retirement Income Plans:
    • Is 55 to 70 years old
    • Has investable retirement assets like an IRA or brokerage account, or an employer-sponsored retirement account like a 401k or 403b
    • Is concerned with outliving their money

What Value Can I Add for You?


On the Medicare side of things, you will have a dedicated independent agent that is always available to answer your questions about Medicare, your supplemental insurance, and your prescription plan. Medicare doesn’t allow agents to charge for their services; I get compensated by the insurance companies as they give me a small commission if I enroll a client in one of their plans. It’s a win-win for you because you pay the same for a plan through me as you would enrolling directly with the insurance company. But, I am able to take care of you moving forward answering your questions and concerns, and helping you find a more cost-efficient plan later on as your needs and plan premiums change.

Retirement Income Planning

As a retirement income advisor, the biggest value I can offer is to construct a retirement plan specific to your financial situation and built to give you what you want out of retirement. Retirement income planning is unique and challenging because the decumulation phase involves many new risks that weren’t an issue through the early and middle stages of your working years. A great plan should attempt to minimize as many of these risks as possible.

I always say that one of three groups is going to spend your retirement assets: you and your spouse, your loved ones once you pass, and Uncle Sam. My income plans will strive to minimize the amount of taxes you pay throughout retirement. Here are the necessary elements of any good retirement income plan:

  • Chooses the optimal Social Security claiming strategy
  • Creates tax efficiency in withdrawals
  • Has the proper amount allocated to an annuity
  • Looks at other sources of wealth like human capital (which is simply the present and future value of your wages while you are working) and home equity
  • Adjusts the withdrawal strategy down the road as necessary

There are many other elements that are important and it’s all the more reason to work with a financial professional who is well versed specifically in retirement income investing and planning.

To learn a bit more about these concepts, click to watch a nice short video on Alpha, Beta, and Now…Gamma

What I Don't Do

Implementing the plan that includes the elements mentioned above is the way I can add the most value for my clients. In order to do this, I’m looking at the big picture and basically planning your financial situation for the rest of your life. I take a holistic look at things and consider things many advisors won’t, like your Social Security income, pensions, human capital, etc.

What I don’t do is spend my time trying to find the top performing mutual fund, ETF, stock, bond fund, etc. The hottest stock one year can be the biggest dog the next. The bond fund with a great yield one year can get crushed by rising interest rates the next. For the part of your retirement assets that I recommend be invested in securities (e.g. stocks, bond funds, ETFs), I work with Navellier & Associates as a third-party money manager to handle the day-to-day investment decisions. I’ll recommend the big picture as far as asset allocation and location; I’ll let Navellier handle the details. You can obtain information about Navellier & Associates at

Click the link to read more about what Retirement Income Planning is.  You can also read about my planning process.  If it sounds like I would be a good fit for you, contact me to set up a personal consultation.

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