Are you turning 65 and getting on Medicare for the first time?  Then these videos are for you!

The first five videos together will take you from start-to-finish in your Medicare journey showing you everything you need to know about Medicare when you turn 65.  They'll cover:

  1. How to sign up for Medicare
  2. What Medicare covers and where the gaps are
  3. How Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans along with a separate Prescription Drug Plan work
  4. How Medicare Advantage plans work
  5. How to choose which plan is best for you, and the easiest way to get enrolled

The sixth, and last, video is for you if you still have the option to be covered under a group health plan at work after 65, because either you or your spouse are still working.

So grab the popcorn, something to take notes, and let's get started!

Video #1: Signing Up For Medicare

Video #2: What Medicare Covers, and Where the Gaps Are

Video #3: Medigap Plans & Standalone Prescription (Part D) Plans

Video #4: Medicare Advantage Plans

Video #5: Choosing and Enrolling in The Best Plan for You

What to Do When You Have the Option to Be Covered Under a Group Plan at 65

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